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At Irvine A+ Tutoring, all instruction is aligned with California Educational Standards. Your child will receive an individualized program that meets his or her developmental needs and builds a solid foundation for success and confidence.

Whether your child needs just a little extra help with homework or a more comprehensive learning plan, I can help you to make learning more positive for your child. I am dedicated to working closely with you and your child’s teacher to make this school year your child’s best!

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Reading Tutoring

Reading Assessment/Remediation
A comprehensive screening will be provided to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. Based on this assessment, an individualized reading program will be developed for your child. This assessment will include phonics, sight words, comprehension, and oral reading of fiction and nonfiction texts to determine reading levels and needs.

Phonological Awareness/Phonics
The ability to hear and manipulate the sound pieces of oral language is fundamental and critical to future reading success. Phonological Awareness refers to the ability to hear syllables, rhyme, and individual sounds in the speech stream and to manipulate these pieces orally. Phonics involves connecting these sounds to written letters in order to read or decode words.

Once students become efficient with decoding (reading) words automatically, they need to develop reading fluency which involves grouping words into phrases, reading with intonation and expression, processing words quickly, and reading with expression. Fluency is often considered the bridge to reading comprehension.

Vocabulary Development
Through the reading of varied and developmentally appropriate text, students will expand their exposure to and knowledge of academic vocabulary. Academic vocabulary becomes increasingly important as your child advances through school and is faced with increasingly challenging texts.

Comprehension Skills and Strategies, Literary Analysis, and Critical Thinking
At Irvine A+ Tutoring, creating independent and lifelong readers is the ultimate goal. Your child will learn strategies such as summarizing, questioning, predicting, clarifying, monitoring, and evaluating. These strategies will help him or her to understand and enjoy reading, to think critically, and to converse about texts with others.

Writing Tutoring

Writing Process
A key part of becoming a proficient writer is understanding the writing process. This involves brainstorming, pre-writing, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Your child will learn how to write more proficiently using this process.

Narrative, Expository Writing, and Literary Analysis
There are many different types of writing genres. Narrative writing involves telling a story with interesting characters, vibrant settings, descriptive details, and logical and engaging plots. Expository writing involves writing nonfiction texts such as research reports and persuasive essays. Literary Analysis focuses on the writer’s response to a fictional reading and usually focuses on one aspect of the text or an essential question.

In order to write cohesive and coherent texts, a writer needs to have strong command of English grammatical structure. My services include instruction in the parts of speech and how these parts combine to make simple and complex sentences, noun verb agreement, capitalization, and much, much more! Grammar instruction is largely taught in the context of the student’s writing.

Math Tutoring

Basic Skill Development and Concept Development

Irvine A+ Tutoring’s math instruction focuses on developing both accuracy and fluency with the basic math facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, as well as conceptual development. Students will learn how to think about and represent math in different ways and how to communicate their mathematical thinking both orally and in writing.

Number Sense
In order to develop mathematical proficiency, students need to understand the foundation of our Base 10 number system. Through manipulatives and hands-on activities, students will explore and understand this system, as well as place value, number patterns, and mental math thinking.

Problem Solving
Often a frustration of students and parents is the word problem. Problem solving, however, has become one of the key components of the Common Core Standards. Irvine A+ Tutoring will teach your child how to methodically and conceptually approach word problems and how to apply his or her understanding to real-world problem solving. They will learn how to explain and represent their thinking and how to think about math in different ways.

Homework Help

Often students just need a little individualized, focused, and unobstructed time with their homework and classroom learning. At Irvine A+ Tutoring, I can help support and reinforce what your child is learning in class. I can also work with your child’s classroom teacher regarding his or her progress and needs.

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